The Destination – Jay Long

The Destination

Her hands grabbed my own
Both of hers barely able to hold one of mine
She held onto it as if it were the net that would save her
From the daily trapeze act that she dared to pull off
Without any ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’
No roar of the crowd but done just the same

Her mind had become one ‘what if’ thought after the next
A constant desire to turn the pages of her life’s own tale
To see if the slipper finally fit
To find out if every coin flipped into countless fountains
Would pave her way to happily every after
Or were they simply deals made with the devil
On her way to the middle

Behind the sadness of her eyelids
She had seen far too many years of heartache
She stared into my eyes
As if she were reading every page of my past
Each ‘wish you were here’ postcard I never sent
Every smile I ever faked
When my life passed out lemons instead of nectar
It felt as if she was always there
Through the trials and tribulations
Crying through the laughter
Smiling through the pain
On my road to nowhere

And as I caught the tear of happiness running down her face
The bitter years she left behind
Tasted sweet against my lips
I knew she wasn’t part of the journey
She was the destination

©Jay Long 2016


Jay’s Beautiful reading of The Destination

Jay Long is an author, poet and natural story teller. Growing up in Hudson Valley area of New York has afforded him the pleasure of finding his creative voice from some of the most beautiful settings within the Northeast. Story telling, expressing feelings through words, and making people laugh are what Jay does best. He believes hearing someone laugh feeds the soul and is always humbled when others tell him they connect with his words or they have helped someone heal. His first book of poetry and prose is available now through his website Jay Long Writes . You can join Jay on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram. If you’d like to hear spoken versions of some of Jay’s work, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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