Wait For Me – C.b. Roberts

Wait For Me

Lost in your embrace,

You take my breath away.

Floating across the silence

Are the words that I can’t say.

This fight for control,

A losing battle where I win.

No chance that I’ll survive

I close my eyes…I’m all in.

Destiny? Fate?

All I know is that it’s real.

Forever or for a season,

Only you can make me feel.

Your whisper carries my name,

Oh, how I want it to be true.

The love I hear calms my fear

And for a moment, I belong to you.

I’m falling,

It’s way too late to save me.

I’m flying,

Soaring on the wings you gave me.

Your voice soothes me,

It quiets the riot within.

A place of rest, the welcomed guest,

I’m praying it never ends.

My heart calls out your name,

It’s all the wrongs that you’ve made right.

I now belong, redemption’s song,

Hear it echo through the night.

Reality bombards me,

I’ve fallen victim to love’s evil scheme.

Only to awaken once again,

And leave you waiting…in my dream.

Copyright ©2016 C.b. Roberts

wayne11 (1)

C.b. Roberts was born and raised in Florida. He fell in love with writing in his twenties. Starting out writing songs, he switched to poetry in 2013. While poetry will always be his first love, he is currently working on writing his first novel, Unfinished. You can follow C.b. Roberts’ intoxicating words here.

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