Me – Stephanie Bennett-Henry


I’ve always been different
and I’ll tell you why.
I’m not afraid of the truth.
I’m not afraid of being
honest and raw and
downright brutal with how
I choose to hammer words
out of my mouth.
I’m not afraid to show myself
without a designer label,
without any coat of sugary bullshit.
I’m not afraid of someone
telling me I’m not ladylike.
I’m not afraid to say, “fuck you.”
I’m not afraid to stand up
for something I believe in.
I’m not afraid to show my truth
to a world that says I can’t be me.
I’m not afraid to say,
“I will never be anything less
than me and if that bothers you,
step out of my light.”
©Stephanie Bennett-Henry
Stephanie is a Southern Girl through and through. Sweet as candy, sharp as a blade, and talented beyond measure, Stephanie’s poetry is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettable. You can find her exquisite words at Stephanie Bennet-Henry, on Instagram, and on her website.