Kissing Cannibals – Michelle Schaper

Kissing Cannibals

She danced with delusion
went frolicking with fear
she didn’t allow her mind
to let things not there appear
she could venture with a vampire
or kiss a cannibal
she could fly so very high because she wasn’t afraid to fall
she was right here in each moment, that she was alive
you could call it a defence mechanism, how she’s learnt to survive
She won’t try to see into the future
She shook away yesterday’s dust
She’s mindful in her mindfulness
She won’t confuse love with lust
She’s used all the prettiest colours to cover up her scars
She daydreams through the night
or you’ll find her kissing stars
She believes that fear isn’t real, it exists only in her thoughts
She chooses not to worry about what lies ahead
But she’ll be afraid of something dangerous, of course
Imagination and anxiety build the fears of past hurts and pain
so she uses hers to find happiness, for benefits and gain
And she finds magic in each present moment
her memory keeps the ones she likes the most
Because the future is uncertain
And the past is just a ghost …

©Michelle Schaper 2016


Michelle Schaper is a single mum of two beautiful daughters from Australia.
She began writing poetry as a little girl when she was raised as an only child by her adoptive parents. At age eight she wanted to write her own book so her dad brought her a typewriter and she taught herself to type and made that book by hand! Michelle has overcome many hardships and considers herself lucky to be alive. She was attacked and beaten near to death by two rapists at age fifteen, then encountered a series of violent relationships. Her dreams of writing were put on hold for some time as she studied counselling/psychology for personal growth and has worked for the past twelve years supporting people with disabilities,(or as Michelle likes to say ‘enhancing people’s abilities’.) Michelle is a mentor/advocate for disabilities and mental health, social training to support independence and inclusion within a community. Her own daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and much more but Michelle chooses to look beyond labels to see the person. Today Michelle is in the process of having a short book of Playful poetry and prose published and you’ll find some of her musings at Soul Kissing.

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