To My Daughters, on International Women’s Day


I know you’re scared; but I need you to know that it’s okay to be scared. I’m going to tell you something that I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time now. I have a secret: Being scared is a good thing.

That excited sizzle in the air right before you get up in front of the school to sing, without the scared in your belly, that electric anticipation may not be as strong. You see, scared often goes hand in hand with excited.

Right now you’re living a life of Firsts. That’s a pretty tall order for anyone, so you feel like you’re always scared. Attempting something for the first time can be scary, but wow, what memories you have made, and you’re no longer scared to do those things that you’ve already done. Scared likes to show up when we’re anticipating something, we often bring scared about all by ourselves, you’re learning that now.

I’ve seen how people have made you feel scared, and I don’t like that for you. But I am in awe of you because of it. When you are scared of hurting someone else that shows me what a lovely, compassionate girl you are. Your scared has made me proud.

Scared is never going to go away. In fact, scared may get bigger as you grow, and that’s okay too. Because when that happens, scared brings her friend Brave along with her, and Brave is glorious.

Some people in this world are going to tell you how you are supposed to feel, act, or be. And you, My Sweet Girl, are going to get very scared. Your tummy will knot and you will feel sick. You’ll become stuck to the spot you’re standing on-completely unable to move. Your mind will start to race with thoughts, unbelievable thoughts that will flash so quickly that you will only catch snippets of them. And your voice, you will be certain that you have lost your voice forever, but here’s the thing-YOU HAVEN’T. Dig down deep My Love, your voice will not fail you, it may falter but it will rise with the strength of your conviction. You may be scared but you are also brave, and your voice matters, it’s time to use it now.

You must understand that you can feel, act, and be however you choose; no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Embrace your brave, for you are fierce, and there is nobody who can take that away from you.

You are remarkable and I know you don’t like to be scared, but you can never let it stop you. I’ve always got your back, and I’ll lend you my voice anytime you need it.

I love you,


19 thoughts on “To My Daughters, on International Women’s Day

    1. This is the short version, Bob, and there were tears this morning in this house. The long version is tucked away in a journal I am writing for them. It’s airing out to dry right now, tears galore. Thank you ❤

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  1. There’s that vital lesson we need to learn from our fears, to overcomeit, and to know, that we have in our strengths and abilities, to make what scares us go away, and to NEVER force that same kind of scare onto someone else like we’d been, scared…


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