“I spent five days looking up ways to kill myself.”

A brave and beautiful post.

4 thoughts on ““I spent five days looking up ways to kill myself.”

  1. Wow! So powerful! So glad she realized it was the black box warning in jarring effect. Imagine her little kids. So glad it had a happy ending and that she described everything in stark detail so others could be helped if they find themselves in a similar situation!


  2. So powerful. I’ve never heard these experiences explained this way. Realistically, yet hopeful at the same time. Thank God the mighty Shareen is an enlightened warrior and willing to share her story.

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  3. Thank YOU for sharing this. It’s been a rough week, I’m just peering out of the hole of depression I was in. My first log into wordpress for over a month and the first words I read are this post.
    “this isn’t about medications, this is about my promise to myself to feel everything and live through it.”

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