The Ugly Truth

Stephanie Bennett-Henry and I crossed paths a few of years ago and we clicked immediately. She is the owner of the immensely popular super page, Raging Rhetoric; where she first began debuting her stunning poetry to the delight of her fans.


Stephanie is a southern girl through and through, sweet as candy, sharp as a blade, and talented beyond measure. Her poetry is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettable. You can find it on Facebook at Stephanie Bennett Henry

I am thrilled to welcome Stephanie Bennett-Henry to The Lithium Chronicles.

The Ugly Truth

We have to sugarcoat our madness

with ribbons of sweet metaphors

to make the dosage of us less ugly.

But it’s not any prettier for me

and it’s not any fucking prettier for you.

It’s just easier to swallow when it’s

wrapped in a fluffy fantasy land

of clouds and birds and god dammit,

one of these days…

you’re gonna see me fly.

Until then, call me crazy.

I’ve earned that title from all the times

I’ve had to tone it down.

All the times I’ve had to fluff it up.

All the times I’ve smiled for someone else,

despite myself.

All the times I’ve had to hear

about happiness being a choice,

positive thoughts, let it go…

let it go… smile.

And I think to myself…

if it were that easy,

the mental health industry

wouldn’t be rolling in billions

of dollars, you stupid fuck.

Of course I wouldn’t say that

out loud…

I know better.

This madness has grown wild in me.

I get tangled in my own chaos.

It’s the only home I know.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry©SL


You can find Stephanie’s exquisite writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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