Happy Christmas Eve Indeed

I saw Dr. H yesterday. Dr. H is my GP, he’s wonderful. He has been my doctor for years, delivered my children and was the one who has referred me to my psychiatrist(s). Dr. H always listens and does not put up with any bullshit from me whatsoever. Did I mention he listens?

We sat down and went over my meds yesterday and he has increased a stabilizer that I think will be great and added a med that had worked well before, but pdoc wasn’t happy with it. Next month we start the wean from the sleep meds, which I have been pushing for for awhile now. Did I mention he listens? No, he isn’t a mental health expert, but I’ve been through a few of those over the past six years and I’m quite happy to stick with the doctor that listens, cares, and has known me since I was thirteen years old.

I feel really good about all of this. 2016 is looking bright.

Happy Christmas Eve, tonight the kids will lovingly leave out their cookies and milk for Santa, but he can take the pharmacy of unused meds above my fridge.

xmas eve