3 Day Quote Challenge: Compassion

There have been many times when I have had to step back and unplug just to catch my breath. Some people have blamed my reactions – or overreactions as they have called them – on being overly sensitive. The truth is that I have never been an overly sensitive person; I have always been a person who feels a deep sense of compassion for others.




I don’t understand people who lack compassion for others; I can’t wrap my head around the idea that they exist. I’m not talking about the obvious here, the ones who have caused so much pain and torture, the evil of this world. I’m talking about the people like you and me yet are somehow missing something so distinctly human about them.




My beautiful daughters are two of the most empathetic and compassionate souls you will ever meet and I gave them those qualities simply by choosing to teach them that love is the only way. Love is born and hate is learned.


I may not always be the nicest person; I may be downright awful at times. I have my faults and I am full of flaws, but my heart is good and my intentions are to leave a legacy of love behind, and my compassion is what will help me accomplish that.


So yes, I cry when I see the world in chaos. I am brought to my knees when I see children being slaughtered when they are supposed to be safe at school. When I hear another attack, another bomb, another massacre gone unreported because it’s not enough to make headlines, I cry. My very visceral reactions are to feel for every last person that hurts and as some have said, “you take the weight of the world on your shoulders.” But only for a moment because then I reach out to those compassionate souls in my life, like Shareen, who I know are feeling the same way as I am and just like that it’s okay. We may not have fixed the world, but we’ve comforted someone we know is hurting and in doing so a chain of love and compassion is started and it spreads like wildfire.




With my compassion I create a positive effect in my life and the lives of those around me. By choosing to live a life where I empower others and pass those gifts onto my children I see the beauty in this world. I see the humanity in people again. When I choose to remember that everyone has a story and everyone is fighting a battle and I have no right to judge anyone, I offer compassion instead and that changes my perceptions. It can be very difficult to feel things so deeply, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because there wouldn’t be any reason to try to change what is wrong if I didn’t feel it.

7 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Compassion

  1. One of the things that always comes through in your writing is exactly that compassion. I see so many who turn to anger, often justified but ineffective, or hate, anger generalized and unrestrained, to escape simply feeling the pain and grief that compassion can bring. That must always be the first step, and when we can stay with that, “There but for the Grace go I.” understanding, not only about the victim of a wrong, but for the doer of the wrong as well, a path to healing may be found. And, compassion is not only about pain and grief, but also about joy and inspiration. Love and life in balance must accept both pain and joy, ours and others’. Who knew I might be thinking and writing of this this morning? Inspiration, I suppose.

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    1. Continuing from a comment I made below. . . It has been disheartening reading comments so many people have been making. I think, how can they mean that? So much of an adult’s behavior stems from how they were taught as a child. Do you think it is possible for an adult to learn compassion -really – when they were never taught compassion and kindness by the adults who raised them? That learned part of their nature is so ingrained in how they deal with life I think they would never admit, even to themselves, that their prejudices were something they should want to change. They feel entitled to their negativity. There is usually a lot of negativity leading up to an election but this year is already proving to be a year that will go in history, when future students study the collapse of our current government. It can’t continue to exist like this. Add to that what happened in Paris ( with no mention of other terrorist murders) and now the political backlash to the refugees, it has brought out such a lack of compassion in many Americans that it makes me ashamed of many citizens in my country right now.

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  2. But you see, you have answer. It lies with the children. Did you have someone in your life who taught you the compassion you teach your children? It is adults who twist the minds of children. Those children, when they become adults are prejudiced or racist or liars or complain about everything in their life that isn’t exactly to their liking. We see these people most when they make comments on social media platforms. Otherwise we would we never hear their lack of compassion or have them as friends. Politicians with ulterior motives latch on to these people and fill their heads with poison like a bad drug. And when we hear of children at schools who are bullies and act like miniature versions of these adults you can be sure, these children don’t have a parent like you.

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