It is Child Abuse if a person with Mental Illness procreates?

Thank you Love, for your support and compassion. Our community is strong and powerful and I am so proud of us all.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

That is what people on reddit have hurled at the beautiful soul that is Nicole Lyons. Nicole writes the blog The Lithium Chronicles.

If it can happen to one of us.  It can happen to any of us.

She is a brave Bipolar mama.  Putting it out there.  Being honest.  Fighting stigma.  Saving lives.

She wrote this post talking about how she did NOT feel guilty for having children.

I thought it was awesome and I tweeted her right away to tell her so.  She also made me feel brave enough to out myself as a mom on my blog although I have since taken the post down because it felt too raw to me.  Maybe I will have to put it back up for her.  I have another Bipolar parent post that I have been sitting on in which I actually quoted Nicole from her piece.

At the…

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