3 Day Quote Challenge: Sadness

I was invited by Shawna of The Honeyed Quill to participate in a 3 day Quote Challenge on the theme of sadness. Right now with everything that is going on in the world, my heart is heavy for all of humanity, but on a more personal scale my heart hurts for what I have lost in my own life following the latest world events. 

While my heart aches on a worldwide scale, today’s sadness quote challenge will stay close to home. After the attacks in Paris last Friday I spent the weekend deleting long time friends (I’m talking kindergarten friends) and family from my social media accounts due to their hate filled, racist, bigoted tirades. I am a proud Canadian and our new Prime Minister is following through with the promise to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees into our wonderful free country which I support 100%. I was absolutely sickened by the rantings and ravings of the people that I thought I knew.

The ignorance that was spewed from my friends and family saddened me to a point where I curled up with my family and shut off all technology. Instead we chose to cuddle and read and giggle, loving each other and taking moments to express my silent gratitude for being lucky enough to be born into a country where I am accepted because I’m white and somewhat above a poverty line.

It breaks my heart that I have had to disconnect from people who I have known for over thirty years, but I would choose love over ignorance, intolerance and hate any day. I could know someone for a day and become kindred, yet spend thirty years with a family member who preaches hate, but starts every sentence with, “I’m not racist but…” Guess what, kindred for one day wins, but it still saddens me.

I don’t know exactly who said the first two quotes, I am getting different results from Google, but they hit home for me. When you love someone and you lose him or her over hate, it’s deeply saddening. This world needs love to sustain itself. We will never survive while we continue to hate one another; there is no hope for us without love. It’s okay to let those hateful people go, you owe them nothing.

Letting go of family


Having to grieve the loss of my family and friends is like having to grieve the death of my family and friends. We wont ever come back from this. I can not in good faith remain close to people who spread hate, ignorance and intolerance. There is no excuse to choose to remain unenlightened and their choice leaves me deeply saddened.


I joined the challenge late but I nominate the following three bloggers to share their quotes on sadness:

  1. Courtney Keesee from Courtney’s Voice
  2. Ann Roselle from Bipolar & Me
  3. Stephanie Ortez from Collected Essays of The Anxious Mind

8 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Sadness

  1. Thank you for including me, Nicole. Like you, I’ve deleted a few “friends” from Facebook. These past events have hurt me very deeply, I can’t deal with ignorant statements like this one: “Before bringing refugees here, take care of our Vets first! We don’t need this people here, f*ck off!!!!” these are the times to help one another, not to tell refugees to fuck off.

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  2. Nicole, I found you because I followed up on The Shaming of The Shrew, a blog on my “following” list who liked a post I wrote. Through a couple blogs who shared your post I found your blog. What you wrote resonated big time with me. I haven’t written about bipolar but I do write about the effects of prison on inmates who suffer from depression and loss, and the effects of solitary confinement that causes mental illness or exacerbates those who are there because of mental illness and receiving treatment is non existent. I’m currently writing a book about one man in particleulllar, Jamie Cummings. I recently posted the first two chapters, presenting the prisoner as a human being who is in prison ultimately because of continuing racism. He is one in a huge part of society who is on the receiving end of the hate you wrote about.

    I just wrote a lengthy reply at explaining my http://bipolarfirst.com explaining my thoughts so I won’t go into it again. You could read it there. I think I will also use it as a post on my second blog, Watch and Whirl because my main blog My Name is Jamie are all about prison issues and Jamie’s life.

    Thank you for writing

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