When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

When Trigggers are Overwhelming

Source: When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

7 thoughts on “When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

  1. Great post as always!

    I’m triggered by people more than anything else. I’ve come to the decision (as unpopular and controversial as it may be in my family) that I no longer will spend time around these relatives/former friends as long as I feel this way. Gone are my co-dependent, people-pleasing ways. It comes across as sounding selfish, but I’ve been treated horribly by these people although everyone but me minimizes their bulls*t. I’m the one who was traumatized.

    My mental stability is far more important than their feelings. It feels good to have the ability to say that I won’t spend time with toxic people who make me feel sick.

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    1. I love your honesty and kick ass attitude, Dy, always have. I am so thankful to know you and call you “friend” Those loved ones who trigger me I have set up boundaries with, some I have even said fuck you to, we’ll see how it plays out. I’m like you, my health and MY well being comes first now, I’m done trying to please the pack that doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

      Be well. XOXOXO

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  2. I’ll write it here, although I didn’t want to post it on the Psych site since girl, that’s the BIG-time! 😉

    You’ve heard this before from me – sorry for the repeat….my very own relative, who I used to be very close with & with whom I shared the same uterus, at different times if you get my meaning…didn’t visit me/call/send a card/ do diddliy squat for 6 out of my 7 hospitalizations that I suffered since 2007.

    And the little brat lives 15 minutes away from me with his evil partner I’ll refer to from now on as Satan! I blame Satan for what has taken place…and despise them both, but particularly Satan because when my relative married her things changed for the worse. I just wish I didn’t feel such hatred. 😦 My Mom tells me I’ll get cancer from it!

    It’s an awful feeling, & I know you understand – you always have gotten me – but where I’m at, doing endless hours of yoga/meditation/chanting and eating raw food can’t dampen the feelings I harbor towards those two. I’d blog about it in detail but my Mom reads the blog…that’s the only downside by not being anonymous.

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      1. That would rock! I actually wrote a scathing post about my two sister-in-laws (complete with photos – not of them, but great ones that depict their ugliness of spirit!) and I REALLY want to post it! The only trouble is that I had to put it in the trash (I published it in a moment of weakness & my Mom saw it and freaked, so I trashed it) and if I take it out of the trash, it automatically gets published. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between! 😦 I could email WordPress for help – have you ever experienced this weird thing?

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