Delusions or brilliance?


Vibrant Ideas

My mind is filled with an essence. Tales and characters ride on the cusp of almost tangible, and trust me when I tell you they are neither delusion nor hallucination, but that they are vivid and extraordinary.

Thinking outside of the box makes perfect sense to me and logic seems almost crude, at times. For years I have been told that any and all ‘flights of fancy’ must be abandoned because surely if I have an idea that doesn’t fit into a pretty little box, I must be delusional.

Is this creativity, flashes of brilliance or even an Aha moment? My psychiatrist and her Big Pharma Friends would call this bipolar disorder. But what if I had never received a diagnosis? Would I be considered a little bit eccentric, perhaps the boho hippie chick who enjoys talking about other dimensions and crystal healing and the power of dreams? Who knows?

Sometimes I wonder.

16 thoughts on “Delusions or brilliance?

  1. What if your vibrant ideas are the truest, purest parts of your consciousness? I choose to believe the ‘flights of fancy,’ Aha moments, experiencing life in color are the mystical, magic pieces only some of us get to experience. The living dream.

    Maybe it’s tied up and twisted with Manic Depression, maybe.
    But whose to say, the brain weighs three pounds but the spirit is endless…makes you wonder

    that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ❤
    XX Jackie

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  2. Yes you could have been considered the boho hippie chick who talks about alrernate reality and crystal healing and other dimensions and all that would have been fine as long as you weren’t totally out of touch with reality and did something harmful to yourself or others. That is the danger, that is why we are medicated. Funny, I was just telling a nephew of mine that my brain doesn’t need LSD, it can trip the light fantastic all on its own. Amazing, perhaps even enlightening, but for me at least much too frightening to ever be off my lithium. Wish we could control it, then we wouldn’t need medication.


    1. But I don’t hurt myself or others, and am not out of touch with reality during this and many of these conversations with this doctor. it’s in the post. It’s just a simple conversation that gets shut down, every time we speak about it. New doc in order? I think just maybe.

      But I do understand where you are coming from, I really do. And I appreciate that. Love to you. Thank you.

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      1. Ugh I just wrote this long reply and it disappeared. My pint was that if you are having these extra vivid and perhaps surreal experiences while you’re on meds, think about what would happen if you stopped taking the meds! I guess I’m coming from fear, because I have been in really bad shape when u have not been medicated and I’ve lost my precious brother to this god awful disease. So I stay on my meds and forego the extra vivid experiences. And maybe your doctor won’t discuss these because he thinks it will lead to you wanting to go off your meds, I don’t know, just a thought. You take good care of yourself, be safe and happy. Love and many many hugs for you. 😊💕

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  3. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would ever need to explain why they wonder. And then I wonder at my incredible capacity to wonder–often where my ideas of painting and writing come from. Thank you for reminding me about such marvelous everyday things.

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  4. Im always thinking of ideas that are no where near the box. I told my therapist that his services will no longer be needed if he tried to turn me into a robot and follow the crowd. So yeah keep thinking of your fantastic ideas and don’t let anyone take that away from you. ❤

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  5. Nicole, I consider myself both mystic and bipolar. Makes reality testing challenging, but we are not the only ones who believe there is more to existence than what we can see. You are both mystic and bipolar. Take care of your brain. Respect your soul.

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