Labels – Your choice to wear it.


People, you gotta love ’em.

I posted this on TLC after someone asked about avoidance as a personality trait. It’s from this somewhat helpful website Out of The Fog. Anyway, a few people shared it and posted about “labels” and it got me a little fired up.

Mental Illness isn’t just mental illness, in case you didn’t know, there are lots of different disorders, conditions, diseases, traits, characteristics, and so on. You picking up what I’m putting down?

Agreed, labels suck, but do you all understand why we have names for disorders and traits? Do you understand that mental illness is a real thing and that there are different kinds? And those “labels” are used to identify mental illness and symptoms as well as to function to help find the best possible treatment? By giving a name to relevant occurring characteristics that help determine an illness, we are able to proceed with diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s the thing though


Ignorance comes in all forms, educate.

7 thoughts on “Labels – Your choice to wear it.

  1. Realistically labels aren’t about us as consumers/patients/however you prefer to be referred to… Labels are for the clinicians, the ones with the budgets that say you can spend $xxxx amount on people with bipolar, or $xxx amount on people with severe anxiety and $xxxxx subsidising anti-depressants in an attempt to not label them with anything else and have to find a gap with funding to get them help under. It’s a fun world.
    Today I got told that as I was only acutely unwell every 2-3days as opposed to everyday when I joined their service that I’m being discharged as its for “acute” needs only. #IcantEven

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