Sun, Fun & Booze


This is me after 5 days of sun, fun and Twisted Teas. Note the hooded eyes and swollen face.

I just got home from five days at the lake with my family. A great time was had by all, for the most part. Not gonna lie, I drank a little too much. I didn’t get drunk or go overboard to an extent where it was terribly alarming, but we all know that the meds we’re on do not allow for a whole lot of booze wiggle room. The fallout from five days of drinking in the sun is a cranky and easily agitated Nicole. So now I have to chill the fuck out, find my happy place and tell myself over and over that I’m the miserable one, not everyone else. It’ll take about two days to get back into the normal moods and during that time i will ask myself whether or not drinking a few bevies in the sun was worth it. Be mindful of that little warning label on the side of your prescription bottles, sometimes they actually know what they’re talking about.


3 thoughts on “Sun, Fun & Booze

  1. Eee, I’ve got a two week holiday in the sun coming up with my wine loving family, 4 months into starting LIthium. I’m taking this post as fair warning. 🙂

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