Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough | Embracing Balance

“We’ve all done things that have hurt others we’re human. The problems really arise when we continue to hurt people over and over. You shouldn’t expect forgiveness if you aren’t willing to acknowledge your behavior, own and accept it, and then work to change it, but you also shouldn’t be expected to dive in and out of the pit of guilt over and over again to appease someone else’s hurt. There will come a time when the other person (or people) will need to make a choice, forgive and move on or don’t. If they choose the latter the next choice falls on you, it may not be pretty but it’s still your choice….”

Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough | Embracing Balance.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough | Embracing Balance

  1. Taking responsibility is an important element of our recovery. Thank you for not buying into the “I was manic so I really wasn’t in control and therefore don’t need to apologize” line.

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