Mental Health Warriors: Thank You


Warrior – A brave or experienced soldier or fighter

I knew that I wanted to do something special for Mental Health Awareness Month this year, I just didn’t know exactly what that was going to be. I would love to tell you that I was doing something exceptionally inspiring when the idea came to me to feature some of the most amazing mental health advocates and activists, but I’d be lying. I was actually going through my old clothes that no longer fit (thank you meds) and it reminded me of the big break that landed me in the psychiatric ward. There’s a post here somewhere about that.

I made a list of some of the most exceptional people that have inspired me in so many ways. Their dedication, stories, and lived experiences have been extraordinary. Collectively, this group of people has saved countless lives, shown others that it’s ok to not be ok sometimes, and have stepped up to share their stories and knowledge to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, sexual abuse, and addiction; while also educating those who are willing to learn. That may sound easy, but it couldn’t be more wrong. For some people it has been, and continues to be a fight every single day. They are warriors.

When I asked these brilliant people to share their stories on my blog not one of them hesitated. They were gracious, thankful, and everything that you would expect a leader in the MH movement to be. I am still in such awe of these dedicated advocates. I thank you all for reading; I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have.

Warriors, to you I bow in gratitude. Thank you for the amazing work that all of you do, you’re changing the world. And you’re all pretty badass too.

Nicole xoxo

Your May 2015 Mental Health Warriors (in order of appearance)

Dyane Leshin-Harwood

Courtney Keese

Sarah Fader

Kitt O’Malley

Marisa Lancione

Gabe Howard

Stephanie Ortéz

Sarah Sorensen

Allie Burke

J.C. Hannigan

Sarah Comerford 

Jacqueline Cioffa

Rachel Thompson

Charlene Trolinder

Ann Roselle


Jean-François Claude

Paulie O’Byrne

Chrisa Hickey

Andy Behrman

International Bipolar Foundation

Christine Saenz

Jeff Moat

Dori Owen

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