Haunting Recollections

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syn·chro·nic·i·ty ˌsiNGkrəˈnisədē/ noun the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. “Synchronicity . . . consists of two factors: a) An unconscious image comes into consciousness either directly (i.e., literally) or indirectly (symbolized or suggested) in the form of a dream, idea, or…

A Big Nothing. -S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

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Big Nothing. They say I’m not romantic, that I’m distant and distracted, but my love shows itself in many different forms. They tell me that I’m cold, that I don’t know how to connect. My defense is that it’s them- it’s them that can’t connect to me because…

Abandoned Breaths – A book review & author interview with Alfa

Alfa’s Abandoned Breaths has received the high honour of carrying Amazon’s #1 Best Seller badge in the category of Grief and Loss, among her already number one status in Amazon’s Hot New Releases & Women’s Poetry. Abandoned Breaths book review Alfa’s debut book Abandoned Breaths took my breath away and then breathed it back in Continue reading Abandoned Breaths – A book review & author interview with Alfa

a joke on you

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for once I wanted to be early, I wanted to be dignified, usher out the rain, my cigarettes are falling apart in my fingers, you cross the road with out-of-tune elegance, your fur lined coat looks expensive and you’re swinging bread playfully in rhythm with your steps, a jaunty…

Am I Still Here?/Jasper Kerkau & Nicole Lyons

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Emaciated by tortured flowers, Bored expressions of expired emotions. Stinging, charred words dangling in thick air, poisoned by expectation Withered and violated by meaningless conversation he speaks softly, vapid illusions she lingers, listens, slowly decaying— death beckons I am still here, pacing through doorways under a fluorescent sun.…

Worth Wake Up

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It’s time to wake up to your own worth. I’m talking to YOU. The ones that know the strength of their? Soul is enough to crush the limits our weak? flesh fears. The ones that have known suffering..? Grief,?addiction, heartbreak. The ones that grew with trauma as an…